5 Essential Packing Tips For Backpack Travelers

12/18/2014 16:30
Well folks, the day that always seemed so far away has finally come and gone. At the beginning of this week, I officially shuffled my twin sons off to kindergarten, starting what will undoubtedly be a vicious cycle in life.

However, if you're doing a back packing trip, or a trip where you'll be moving from hotel to hotel every few days, you'd be better off packing only true necessities. Toiletries and simple clothes, such as socks, you can purchase during your trip. This saves space in your suitcase/purple backpacks and could potentially save you money (depending on your destination).

I get to look at the big sellers for the Irv's Luggage website. By far, the favorite this year is the Jansport Superbreak, white and lavender spots. These school backpacks have flown off the store shelves and out of the warehouse so fast that we can't even keep them in stock. Wow. A close second is the Jansport Superbreak White and Pink Square (definitely a girl thing). Popular for the guys seems to be the High Sierra Access bag, in black or dark blue.

Handwriting Paper-This is an important item for the younger elementary students in Kindergarten thru third grade. Teachers use this special lined paper to teach the students how to properly write their alphabet.

If the acne isn't too severe, apply alpha hydroxy lotions or creams and 10 per cent Benzoyl peroxide creams or gels. Let the creams dry before putting on clothing because they contain bleaching agents. Aloe vera gel has long been a home remedy for sunburns, stings, rashes and other skin ailments. Aloe vera won't get rid of backne but will cool and soothe the skin. Aloe vera is available in lotions and creams or you can grow your own . Green tea is another old remedy with amazing healing properties. It is available in creams and gels.

The fight seems to just freeze for a minute, really. Several guys stand up and look toward the crash. They look for bodies. Dead ones. They look in hope, almost anticipation. Especially the ones who picked Smith and Johnson in the pool. But two dead at the same time would be almost too exciting to contemplate. I mean, those two were friends and all, but the good of the unit is more important that that of the individual, right?

I mean, Lenderman even tried to end it all by tossing himself on the electrified perimeter fence. Of course, it would have hurt more if a fuse in the power station hadn't blown seconds before, right?